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For complete guides to homebrew and custom firmware for other devices, check out Hacks. Thoroughly read all of the introductory pages including this one!

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This guide is for retail consumer purchased; not from the PlayStation Partner Program consoles only! This guide is available in other languages! Click the icon at the top right of the page to change the language. Alternatively, click here to help to keep these translations up to date. Homebrew usually refers to software that is not authorized by Sony.

The PS Vita in 2020 - Still a SOLID Handheld Gaming Console!!! -

It allows you to run homebrew games, tools like save editing and backup, and emulators for various older systems. For information on how custom firmware works, please see this post by Yifan Lu. This guide has the end goal of taking a completely unmodified PS Vita TV from stock firmware to custom firmware. It is more convenient than other CFW solutions such as HENkaku or h-encore as it does not require you to trigger an exploit on your device after every reboot manually.

If you appreciate this guide, we accept Donations.A place to discuss Vita hacking and homebrew. Both technical and non-technical discussion are welcome.

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Got the goods i. Mega man maverick hunter X stutter on walk self. My main reason for hacking my Vita was to get all my games together on one SD card. My GB card is now completely full.

PS Vita (TV) Hacks Guide

I'd like to thank this community for all the helpful software and guides. Patafour Patapon 4 Devlog 4 - Demo release Announcement youtu. I know Sony proprietary memory cards are expensive, but this is ridiculous.

Release github. Adrenaline Bubble Manager v6. Released Adrenaline Bubble Booter 1.

vita homebrew

I created a vita games lookup website self. Release 6. PSA: We have a working pro online client for Adrenaline now! Announcement i. X-Racer Vita 1. Vitagamedir self. VITAlbum v1.

Release self. PSP i. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a link or text post.NoPayStation 2. Savedata Request Thread. For updates on NPS, feel free to check their twitter or rss feed. The gerenal rules of reddit apply here but are not limited to; no doxxing, no threatening violence, etc.

These actions will be met with an immediate ban. No selling links to game downloads. No asking people to pay for you to download and dump a game.

vita homebrew

No monetization links such as adfly or other revenue generating links. This will get you banned. Direct links to downloads located on private servers anything but a public file host require mod approval. This includes sites which require a login and or password. Links that require a password, have click thru links or that require a special account to access require mod approval. These would include Password ZIP files, Baidu links and linking to a secondary site that uses any of the previously mentioned features.

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Please try to keep posts Vita related please. PS Vita and Homebrew in youtu. I'd rather be able to use my game cards as well, I do not want an SDtoVita to block that, replacing the 3G modem is the only option left. I just own 1 card so I don't really care. I have an original 16GB memory and honestly I've never filled it.

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When I get bored of a game I just delete it. I have 3 game cards right now and I'm in the process of collecting them.Order By: Alphabetical Release Date.

vita homebrew

Custom Firmware 6. Developer Site Permalink.

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Changelog v7 - Fixed issue where plugins were loaded in recovery mode. Account Manager v1. VPKEdition v1. This homebrew will allow you to easily setup AdrBubbleBooter into your Adrenaline installation. Usage: -Install Adrenaline v6. PBP file if it is not already installed, then run it from the bubble and make sure it's working fine.

Requirement: Microsoft DotNet v4. Change-log: v0. Enjoy :. Adrenaline Bubble Manager v6. Changelog 6. Adrenaline States Manager v1. AdrenalineStates, is a tool that allows you to update the version or delete the states, its main utility is to allow you to use the states of a previous version in the new adrenaline. In a future, if the structure of the states changes, it will no longer be possible to use old states, even updating the version.

Square: Delete state version.

Changelog 1. A little refactored the code. Updated to the latest version of ONElua. Added automatic network update. Support get and view complete list of states. Support change version of states. Support delete states.


Report bugs if you see something wrong, please submit an issue or pull request. Team Molecule for HENkaku and taihen.

vita homebrew

All people contributed creating Vita Scene. Adrenaline Updater v1. Update eCFW adrenaline with one click. Tested on ux0 and ur0 Changelog v1. AdvancedAccountSwitcher v1. A Simple app to clear out login details and run the sign up app allowing u to switch accounts. AntiBlacklist v1. AntiBlacklist is an homebrew-tool for PSTV that will remove the blacklist for games and apps inserted by Xony allowing you to play any game you want on your console.

AntiBlacklist is an homebrew-tool for PSTV that will remove the blacklist for games and apps inserted by Sony allowing you to play any game you want on your console. Differently to the other tools, AntiBlacklist support both v1 and v2 patches and is also capable to remove v2 patch if you want to update a game blocked by it and then re-enable it.New Thread.

Page 1 of Venom IntellectAug 3, Replies: Views:ArizatoJan 25, Tom Bombadildo Oct 7, at PM. PriestialityJul 10, Replies: Views: 58, AshenWolf Oct 2, LiaApr 14, Replies: 67 Views: 53, VoxelNov 14, Replies: 1, Views:FlameDec 27, Replies: 19 Views: 28, Tom BombadildoApr 2, Replies: 6 Views: 13, KnifeCat May 19, VitaTypeAug 3, Brayton Jul 29, Replies: 7 Views: Replies: 4, Views: 1, NeoGranzon Oct 10, at PM. Replies: 2 Views: 4, Vermifrax Oct 10, at PM.

Replies: 46 Views: 3, Tomtani1 Oct 10, at PM. Replies: 3 Views: ZeroSene Oct 10, at PM.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Work fast with our official CLI.

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Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. With it, you can browse homebrews from VitaDBsee screenshots, videos, and install them for free!

Note that you'll need to jailbreak your Vita in order to use this app: here is a guide to jailbreak your PS Vita. You can also click on the screenshots below to get a video tutorial. To build VHBB, you'll need to have the vitasdk installed and working. You can also use vitacompanion in order to send and reload the application easily after compilation. Debug code prints text in order to help the debugging.

Currently debugnet and file logging are supported. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e. We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e. Skip to content. Browse, download, and launch Vita homebrews!The club A great achievement, because the Belarusian did not end up in a staggered bed in the U.

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